How to Check NSDL and UTI PAN Card Status {Know Your Pan}*

PAN Card Status: PAN Stands for Permanent Account Number, that can be issued by Each and Every Citizen of India, who’s 18 years of age or above. It is also considered as a Proof of Identity for all the people who pay Tax. PAN is basically of 10 Character Alpha Numeric code. In PAN, First 5 characters consist of alphabets, next four characters consists of Numbers and the last character is again an alphabet. For Example, Consider PAN as AAAAA1111E. If you have applied for the PAN Card, you can view PAN Card Status Online.

PAN Card Status

Pan Card Status

Pan Card Status

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Is PAN Card Important?

  • If you want to Start a new business, PAN Card is important. If you want to Start an Online Business, PAN Card is necessary to get Approval. PAN card is also useful when you want to pay Income Tax.
  • If you are not an Indian, but you want to start a Business, PAN Card is required. That doesn’t mean you can use PAN Card to consider yourself as a Citizen of India. In order to apply for PAN, you should have a Valid VISA.
  • A PAN Card is very much important for all the Citizens of India. Also, Government has made PAN Card Compulsory, if you want to make Financial Transactions above a certain limit.
  • PAN Card is required in order to open a new bank account, file income tax returns, buy a new property, rent a house, etc. This initiative has been started in order to remove Black Money from the country.

Who should have PAN?

  • A Businessman whose yearly turnover is more than 5 lakh rupees.
  • Any person who wants to make big transactions where quoting PAN is compulsory.
  • All the Individuals, having income more than 5 lakh should apply for PAN.

How can I Apply for PAN Card?

There are two ways by which you can apply for PAN Card. They are as follows:
1. By visiting the PAN Card Agency near you.
2. You can apply online for PAN via Sites such as NDSL or UTI.

For PAN Card Application, Indians have to Fill the 49A form while Foreigners have to fill 49AA form.

One of the most special functions about PAN Card is, you can check the PAN Card Status anytime.

Do you have a doubt or question about who should apply for PAN Card? Then you have reached the correct place. Here we will provide you complete information about Who should apply for PAN Card? Whether to apply for New PAN, Duplicate PAN or for any Correction in the PAN Card.

Who should apply for PAN Card?

All the existing taxpayers or persons who need to furnish a return of their income, either on the behalf or on the self of others, should get PAN.

Any person who wants to perform any economic and financial transactions where the requirement of PAN is necessary should apply for PAN Card.

Can a minor apply for PAN Card?

As per the section 160 of IT Act, 1961 states that the nonresident, minor, lunatic, idiot, and any court of wars or any such person will be represented with the help of authority. In all of these issues, the application for PAN will be made by a representative authority.

Who should apply for a New PAN Card?

Any Applicant who has never applied for a PAN Card should apply for a New PAN Card. To apply for PAN refer the article given below:

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Who should apply for Change or Correction in PAN Card?

If anyone wants to make any changes or correction in the current details of the PAN, should apply for Correction in PAN. All such details include:

  • Change in the Applicant’s name, due to marital status or in the case of any spelling mistake.
  • Change in the Father’s name.
  • Change in the Date of Birth

Who should apply for a Duplicate PAN Card?

All the persons who have already applied for the PAN Card and received their Permanent Account Number, but if he/she wants a duplicate PAN Card, due to any of the following reason:

  • Lost PAN Card
  • Damaged PAN Card
  • Wants to change from an old to a new Original PAN Card.

To apply for a Duplicate PAN Card, refer our article on

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Can any person get and use more than one PAN Card?

Getting more than one PAN and using it, is against the law.

How and where the new PAN Card will be delivered to me?

The new PAN Card will be delivered to your registered address that you have mentioned in the application form via post within a span of 15-20 days.

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How to Check PAN Card Status?

After applying for the PAN, you will receive your PAN within a Span of 15 days. Also, Government provides the facility to track the PAN Card Status. An Individual can Track the PAN Card Status using 15 Digit Acknowledgement Number which he/she has received at the time of Application.

There are total 3 different ways in which you can check PAN Card Status. They are as follows: 

  1. Check PAN Card Status via SMS.
  2. Check PAN Card Status using Telephone
  3. Check PAN Card Status Online.

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Check PAN Card Status via SMS

For PAN Card Tracking, you need to send the SMS in the following format as given below:

SMS NSDLPAN<space>15-Digit Acknowledgement Number and then send it to 57575.

Thus, you will receive an SMS, which displays your current PAN Card Status.

Check PAN Card Status using Telephone

You can also call on the TIN Call Center in order to know the Application of PAN Card Status. You can reach this call center on 020 – 27218080. Also, you need to provide Acknowledgement Number to the Customer care Executive.

Check PAN Card Status Online

You can Apply for PAN Card using NSDL or UTI Website. Now, I will provide you, in brief, how can you check PAN Card Status on the respective websites.

1. Check PAN Card Status on NSDL

To Check PAN Card Status, you have to visit NSDL Official website. To visit, click here. Now you will be able to view the form as shown in the image below:

PAN Card Status

PAN Card Status on NSDL

Now you have to Fill the Form as follows:

  • Application Type: Select -PAN New/Change Request
  • Acknowledgment Number: You will receive your Acknowledgement Number within 3 days of your Application. Enter your Acknowledgement Number. In case, if you don’t have, then enter your name.
  • Name: Enter the name as you have mentioned at the time of Application.
    Date of Birth: Enter your Date of Birth

After filling the information, you will be able to know your PAN Card Status.

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2. Check PAN Card Status on UTI.

Firstly, visit the official website of UTI. To visit, click here.

Now you will view the form as shown in the image below:

PAN Card Status

PAN Card Status on UTI

Next step is you have to fill the form.
Application Coupon Number: You will have received your Application Coupon Number when you have applied for the PAN Card.
PAN Number: If you have received your PAN number, then you can also enter your PAN Number.

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Customer Care:

In case, if you are facing any Issues while checking the PAN Card Status, you can directly contact Customer care number of NSDL or UTI.
To Contact Visit on the link below:
NSDL Contact Page
UTI Contact Page

The Customer care representatives are too good, they will try their best to solve your problem.

Benefits of PAN Card

  • PAN Card is very much useful if you face any problem related to TAX.
  • PAN Card can also be used as an ID Proof at any Government or Private Institute. Later, nobody will ask you any question once you should them your PAN Card.
  • PAN Card is needed in order to open a Bank Account in any Private or Nationalized bank.
  • In order to make a Transaction of 50,000 or more, PAN Card is necessary.
  • PAN Card is required at the time of application of Credit Card.
  • All the Employees who are working on a Part time basis can deduct TDS at the end of the year.
  • PAN Card is required at the time of buying or selling a Vehicle (Except all the two wheelers).
  • By Issuing PAN Card, you will help Government in removing TAX Fraud.
  • In the current age of Technology, you can apply for PAN Card Online on NSDL and UTI. Also, you can check UTI PAN Card Status and NSDL PAN Card Status.

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How long does it take to get PAN card now?

If you apply for a new PAN Card, then it will take around 15-20 days to get the PAN Card. However, if you apply for correction or replacement of PAN Card, then it will take around 30 to 40 days, based on the authorities’ discretion and the load.

Please ensure that Pan Card Status has no control over the time taken by the entities to dispatch and will not be accountable for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions on PAN card

How can I Verify my PAN Card?

PAN Card Verification is the main task to perform as soon as you received your PAN Card. It is much needed to verify to ensure that information on PAN is fully correct.

You can verify your PAN Card by following the procedure given below:
Steps to verify PAN Card using Name:

First and Foremost, head over to the Official PAN Page of Income Tax-filling Website. Now you will be able to view the form as shown below.

Now you have to Enter the Details as shown in the form.

1. Date of Birth: You have to Enter your Date of Birth in the DD/MM/YY Format.
2. Surname: Enter your Surname.
3. Middle name: Enter your Father’s name here.
4. First Name: Enter your name.
5. Enter the Code as shown in the image: Now you have to enter the code and finally click on submit. Here Submit button will appear twice, enter Submit both the times to view the information.
As soon as you complete this, you will see the results.

How much charge is to be paid during the Application of PAN Card?

If the Communication Address is in Home Country: Charges are Rs 107.
If the Communication Address is Out of India: Charges are Rs Rs 994.

What are the essential documents submitted at the time of Application for PAN Card?

You have to submit the below document along with the Application Form
1. Proof of Address
2. Proof of Identity
3. Proof of Date of Birth(Applicable only to an Individual and belongs to HUF Status of Applicant)

I lost my Card, how can I know my PAN?

If you have lost your PAN Card, you can apply again for the New PAN Card using the PAN Card Correction forms. In order to apply again, you must remember your Current PAN. If you don’t remember PAN, Follow the steps as given below:

Firstly, visit the NSDL PAN Card Tracking Page. To visit, click here.
Then you will view the form as shown in the image below:

Application Type: Select PAN New/Change request
Acknowledgment Number: If you know your Acknowledgement number than entering, otherwise enter your name.
Name: Enter the name in the required format.
Date of Birth: Enter your Date of Birth

Now, you have to click on the submit two times. Finally, you will be able to know your PAN Card Number.

Is it compulsory to include Father’s Name for all the Female Candidates?

All the female candidates (Married/Divorced/Widow ) have to compulsory mention their Father’s name in the PAN Card Application form.

Is it Mandatory to mention Telephone Number/ Email ID in the PAN Application Form?

It is compulsory to Mention Telephone Number/ Email ID in the Form so that the individual can be contacted in case of any emergency while sending/ receiving PAN Card.

  • If you have mentioned your Landline Number, you have to also enter your ISD code and STD Code.
  • In Case, you have mentioned your Mobile Number, you have to also enter your ISD Code.
  • If you have mentioned your Email, after receiving PAN Card, you will be further contacted via Email.

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No Deadline Fixed to complete Aadhar-PAN Linkage says Arun Jaitley

On Friday, 11th August 2017 Finance Minister Arun Jaitley informed the Loksabha that there is no Deadline fixed to complete Aadhar-PAN Linkage.

“No Madam” Finance Minister said this while replying to a query which stated as whether the government has fixed any time frame to complete the linking of 12-Digit Aadhar Number with Permanent Account Number(PAN).

Earlier Government had extended the last date to the link of Aadhar with PAN to August 31st, 2017.  The government has initiated this move by keeping in mind “in view of difficulties faced by the taxpayers”. However, returns of the people will not be processed until the linking of Aadhar with PAN is completed. The Government also said “Actual linking of PAN with Aadhar” can be done subsequently before 31st August 2017.

The Government has said earlier that in order to file income tax return, one can link to Aadhar Number or Aadhar Acknowledgement number on the E-filing website. By this, it is clear that it is enough to link Aadhar number or Aadhar Acknowledgement Number on E-filing website. This is not required for the people who have already link Aadhar with PAN. For all the people, who have filed the tax, they need to link Aadhar card with PAN till 31st August 2017.

While, as per the latest statement by Finance Minister, there is no time frame to link Aadhar Card with PAN.

As per the data of June 28, there are total 25 Crore PAN Card holders while Aadhar Card is issued by more than 111 Crore people.