PAN Card Correction

PAN Card Correction Form {PAN Correction Online Form}*

PAN Card Correction Form: PAN Card acts as a Proof of Identity for all the Citizens who pay tax. Due to some reason, you need to change the information on your PAN Card. It happens when you need to change information about you in your PAN Card. Here, we will provide you step by step procedure to make PAN Card Correction.

PAN Card Correction

PAN Card Correction

If you are married and want to change the information on your PAN card and then you should possess the marriage certificate. Marriage Certificate is required as the legal proof of the marriage. That’s why it’s important in this case.

How to apply for PAN Card Correction?

To make corrections in your PAN Card, you have to follow the same process as the application of PAN Card on NSDL or UTI Website. So, below is the step by step procedure to make PAN card corrections on the NSDL and UTI website.

1. NSDL PAN Card correction[Link]

To apply on NSDL, first of all, you have to select the type of applicant and then click on select, then you will be redirected to the PAN Card correction form.

2. UTI PAN Card Correction[Link]

As you, as you click on the link, you will get the PAN Card correction form immediately.

Before you start to fill the PAN Card Correction form, you should have the important documents handy with you. They are as follows:

Valid Identity Proof: Here, you have to upload a valid identification proof of yourself. You can upload proof such as marriage certificate, driver’s license, passport, Election card, Aadhar Card, etc.

Current PAN: In order to apply for correction of your PAN card, you should know your current PAN. In case, if you don’t remember your Current PAN, or it’s not handy with you, then you should follow the procedure as shown below:

– First of visit the Official NSDL Website, then enter your login credentials.
– Next, Enter essential details such as Last Name, First Name, and Middle Name.
– Enter your Date of Birth and then click on Submit.

PAN Card Status

PAN Card Status through NSDL

You will be able to see the status of your PAN card, along with the PAN.

After filling all the details in Correction form, click on Submit button at the button of the page. Lastly, you have to pay the correction fees of RS 107, you can pay this amount using your Debit card, Credit Card, check or Net Banking.

PAN Card Correction Offline

If you want to apply Offline, you can download the PDF of the Correction form, fill all the essential details such as valid identity proof, passport size photograph, etc and submit your PAN Card to any PAN Card agency. Offline PAN Card Correction is the safest mode of correction.

You will receive your updated PAN Card within 45 days. Usually, it is delivered within 30 days.

If you want to track the status on the PAN Card, then you can easily track PAN Card Status.

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