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Reprint PAN Card: Do you want to get a Duplicate copy of your PAN Card? If yes, then you have reached the right place. Yes, you heard it right, now you can Reprint PAN Card. Here, we will provide you complete details about how you can reprint your PAN Card.

In the last one year, the importance of PAN Card is increased constantly. If you are running a business or doing a job or you are making huge transactions, then PAN Card is very much useful for you. Nowadays, some of the sites are also asking for PAN Card details for making payment or if you want to register your account. Check Your PAN Card Status Online.

Reprint PAN Card

Reprint PAN Card

After Demonetisation, a lot of awareness is being created about PAN Card. All the Citizens of India above 18 years of age should Apply for PAN Card. With the use of technology, you don’t need to visit the PAN Office, you have to just fill the form on NSDL or UTI website and submit all the necessary documents and that’s it.

When you are filling the form, please keep all the necessary documents such as Identity Proof, Address Proof, Passport Size Photograph, etc. with you. You have to fill the form and upload all the documents and you’re done. After you have submitted the documents, your details will be verified and you will receive PAN Card within a span of 15-20 days.

PAN Card Lost or Damaged – Reprint Duplicate Copy

As we all know, PAN is a very important document and we have to keep it safe. But sometimes, in an emergency or due to mistake you lost or PAN Card or its Damaged, then you can Reprint Duplicate copy of your PAN Card easily.

You can get a Duplicate copy of your PAN Card by two methods: Online and Offline. Currently, Government has introduced the online mode and it’s very easy. If you don’t know the online procedure, then you can surely go with the Offline mode.

In order to Reprint PAN Card, you should remember your PAN number. If you remember your PAN Number, then you can get a duplicate copy very easily. However, if you don’t know PAN Number, then also you can get details of PAN by Entering First name, Middle name, and Date of Birth.

Procedure to get Duplicate PAN Card

Follow the steps given below to get Duplicate PAN Card Copy:

Reprint PAN Card

1. In order to fill the form, you need to visit the Official website of NSDL and Download the Form 49A. Enter all the essential details in the form as per the requirement.
2. After you have filled the form, download the form. Attest all the required documents such as Identity Proof, Address Proof, Photograph, etc.
3. Now, you have to register a FIR and get a copy of it. The Firm will work as a proof when you fill the form.
4. Please don’t forget to make a complaint to the nearest Police Station about the Lost PAN Card.
5. Lastly, don’t forget to get the Acknowledgement receipt as it will help you to prevent from any kind of misuse or threat if someone gets it.

Thus, by following the above procedure, you can get the Reprint Duplicate copy of your PAN Card.

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